Housing for ALL


Access to housing that is safe, healthy and affordable is central to my campaign because it’s been a key issue for me and my family — and I hear every single day how challenging it is for so many others throughout Ward 5. 


While my mother worked three jobs, we moved constantly throughout my childhood. Every few months, we had to start over because the cost of rent was too high, affordable apartments were unsafe and unhealthy, and landlords denied, exploited or ignored the maintenance needs of families like ours. Sadly, my story isn’t unique. I hear every day from people in Ward 5 who say “If the rent increases by $20, I won’t be able to live here anymore” or “If I tell my landlord about the bed bugs, he won’t fix the problem; he’ll just kick me out.”


I know from my personal and professional experience that stable housing is at the core of building community and uplifting families. Stable housing means your kids can stay at the same school, that you can keep the same job and that seniors can access the same doctors and services they need as they age. Stable housing gives us a place to call home. 


I’m running for City Council because I believe that everyone deserves a safe place to call home where they feel welcomed and supported to grow and thrive, free from discrimination.


And I have a track record of doing just that. When I was the Executive Director of Saint Anthony Park Community Council (SAPCC), I prioritized community voices — especially those who had been marginalized or overlooked for years. Together, we created a set of guidelines for developers who wanted to build new housing in our neighborhoods so development happened for us not to us. Together, we engaged our neighbors in public housing to understand the needs of residents at Seal Hi-Rise, and connected with the Saint Anthony Park Area Seniors to integrate their leadership and insight on issues related to aging in place. 


As your city councilmember, I will continue to advance HOUSING FOR ALL by:


  • Collaborating with community on proposed housing and development projects with a focus on affordability and sustainable housing/green development

  • Working to ensure that families are not priced out or displaced from their homes in Ward 5 because of rising rents or new development

  • Using tools like the Equitable Development Principles and Scorecard, created with community voice, to directly engaged residents in guiding development in their own neighborhoods 

  • Providing funding for organizations serving seniors / longtime residents to address home repairs and updates so they can age in place 

  • Working in collaboration with local nonprofits that provide services to seniors to administer small grants programming 


Just a few days ago, I was doorknocking in the Como neighborhood at the Front Hi-rise public housing. I was delighted to see Daniel (pictured above, left), a former resident of Seal Hi-Rise I had worked with when I was at Saint Anthony Park Community Council. When I told him I was running for city council, he told me that, for years, as a resident of public housing he felt invisible. But our work together at the SAPCC made him feel seen. 


As your city councilmember, I will work every single day to make sure everyone feels seen — and everyone can call our community home. 


Let’s do better together.


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