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"Everyone deserves a place called home, a place to be safe, a place to feel welcomed, a place to grow, and to thrive, free from discrimination."


As an engaged North End resident, social justice advocate and proven public servant, Suyapa understands the essential role of community voices in local government and is deeply committed to building community power — especially for those who have been overlooked or mistreated by elected officials for generations. As a city councilmember, she will create ways for residents to provide on-going input, ask critical questions and guide needed solutions. 

Informed by conversations with community and with a strong focus on equity and community-defined solutions, Suyapa is committed to 5 key priority areas to make Ward 5 home for ALL residents.

Housing for All 


Housing is a human right. It is essential to basic survival and integral to everyone’s ability to access education, health care, food, jobs, and transportation options. For too long, many Ward 5 residents have struggled to find or maintain safe, dignified, affordable housing — but when we come together and listen to community we can create solutions. When all residents have stable housing, everyone in our community benefits. Suyapa will advance housing for all by:


  • Collaborating with community on proposed housing and development projects with a focus on affordability and sustainable housing/green development

  • Working to ensure that families are not priced out or displaced from their homes in Ward 5 because of rising rents or new development

  • Using tools like the  Equitable Development Principles and Scorecard , created with community voice, to directly engaged residents in guiding development in their own neighborhoods 

  • Providing funding for organizations serving seniors / longtime residents to address home repairs and updates so they can age in place 

  • Working in collaboration with local nonprofits that provide services to seniors to administer small grants programming

  • Elevating the relationship between health and housing

Community Safety 

​All neighborhoods do not have equal access to resources and opportunities — but all Saint Paulites deserve a city where we can feel safe. Public safety is an essential responsibility of local government, but our approach cannot begin and end with policing. Working with stakeholders to identify and fund community-based strategies to address and prevent crime, Suyapa will advance community-first public safety by:
  • Co-creating safety strategies and programs that put community at the forefront through partnerships between community members, social services, law enforcement and other governmental partners to address the root cause of violence and incarceration, and interrupt cycles of group violence.

  • Strengthening inter-agency and organizational partnerships focused on increasing  graduation rates and decreasing rates of arrest and delinquency for our youth

  • Co-creating alternative domestic violence and mental health response teams, and collaborating around homeless outreach to get additional resources to the county and nonprofits that are primary service providers.

  • Expanding career pathways program for young people, people of color, and women to enter public safety fields. 

  • Diversifying the Saint Paul Police Department so that it reflects the residents of Saint Paul in ethnicity, gender and life experience and prioritizing hiring of citizens who reside in communities where they serve to make our city safer and stronger and better connected.

Small Business Support


Ward 5 is rich in talent and ingenuity but too often our residents — particularly people of color – do not have access to the resources to create and sustain businesses in our neighborhoods. Small, locally owned businesses are not only the engine of our economy but the fabric of our community, providing goods, services and spaces to come together as neighbors and family. Suyapa will support small businesses by:

  • Ensuring that every small business has had contact with their city council office within the first 30 days of opening 

  • Connecting entrepreneurs with technical assistance to help alleviate barriers to start-up and business expansion

  • Connecting businesses with funding resource opportunities, including micro grants and loans

  • Creating a program to assist first-time business owners

  • Addressing barriers to and disparities in women- and minority-owned businesses 

Health & Environment


Where we live has a significant impact on our health and wellness. And how we live has immense impacts on the health of our collective environment. In addition to doctors and healthcare providers, our neighborhoods need and deserve access to fresh and healthy foods, public green spaces and opportunities to engage in recreation. Suyapa will advance health, wellness and sustainability for all by working to:

  • Reduce health disparities by supporting community garden projects and working with local food markets and nonprofits to increase access and reduce driving to fresh and healthy food 

  • Increase green spaces and culturally relevant activities and amenities in parks, as well as planting new trees  

  • Effectively remove garbage from our lives while seeking alternatives to landfills and incineration and promoting recycling, composting and the concept of Zero Waste to reduce our trash

  • Explore and seize opportunities for using renewable energy, including more solar stations and self-repair bike stations located near public transit stops

  • Ensure sustainable design in development projects, including green roofs and sustainable stormwater infrastructure 

Transportation Options​


Safe, accessible and reliable transportation options are central to our families getting to work, our kids getting to school and our seniors maintaining healthy and engaged lives as they age. We must ensure that our streets are safe for all types of travel, from walking and biking to taking the bus, and that people have public transit options that give them the freedom to move around our city and the region. Suyapa will advance transportation choices by:

  • Developing intentional policies, by partnering with City planning staff, to be inclusive of multi-modal transportation

  • Ensuring street and neighborhood development projects are designed for walkability and accessibility across age, income level, family structure and ability

  • Creating and maintaining safe environments to bike

  • Advocating to balance Metro Transit investment in the east and west metro so St. Paul receives adequate and appropriate services and funding


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